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Chef Uniforms

The traditional chef uniform dates back to the mid-19th century France. Its simple and functional design has seen the style become the world standard kitchen uniform. The modern chef’s uniform features a double-breasted jacket, bib apron, loose fitting trousers, non-slip shoes and a skull cap. At Promowear, we supply all of the elements for your modern comfortable and functional chef uniform.

Chef Jacket:

Every member of your kitchen staff should wear a chef jacket. The distinctive design lets customers and other employees know the wearer is a member of the kitchen staff. This specially designed garment is usually made from a heavy cotton or poly-cotton blend and is heat resistant. Chef jackets are usually white, making it easy to bleach if stained with food, a daily occurrence in any busy kitchen. A clean jacket is said to be the sign of a good chef! We recommend making sure your chef jackets have a pen pocket for editing orders and labeling storage containers.

Chef Trousers:

Designed to be loose fitting and light, chef trousers help keep your kitchen staff cool in a heated environment. Made from light cotton and sporting an elastic waist, chef trousers are an essential part of any good Kitchen attire. Promowear supplies chef trousers in a variety of colours, including the traditional black and the classic black & white check.

Chef Apron:

The bib apron is perfect for keeping your kitchen staff looking professional and smart regardless of how hectic your kitchen becomes. Bib aprons help keep your chef jacket clean of spills and stains. Why not help identify your different kitchen staff by assign different colour aprons to your main chefs and other kitchen staff?

Chef Hat:

The traditional toque blanche chef hat has taken a back seat to the more comfortable and casual skull cap in recent years. A skull cap stops stray hairs from falling into food and is more practical than the traditional tall hat. As a health and safety requirement, all good kitchens need to have adequate head covering for all staff handling food.

Chef Shoes:

Chefs generally wear non-slip water resistant shoes which cover the whole foot. These must be comfortable and durable for a long shift on your feet. A kitchen environment holds many hazards including hot grease and inappropriate footwear can lead to accidents.

Chef uniforms should only be worn in the kitchen. Bacteria and dirt may be picked up and can cause cross contamination if kitchen wear is worn outside of the work environment.

All of our chef wear can be decorated with your brand name and logo.

When image matters, get the right look for your company with Promowear.

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