Kids & Schoolwear

Kids & Schoolwear

Keep on top of the latest style in school uniforms and kid’s sportswear with Promowear. Our wide selection of school gear, including hi-viz vests, is perfect for your local primary, secondary school or after school sports club.

Getting to school has never been easier with our selection of school jumpers, blazers and winter coats - guaranteed to keep your kids warm and dry no matter what the weather has in store. And don’t forget to get your kids a hi-viz vest for those dark winter mornings!

Your little ones will look smart with our uniform accessories including socks, trousers, skirts and shirts suitable for every school. Speak to us about getting your uniform embroidered.

Time for some after school fun with our branded sports gear. Get your team looking tip-top with matching sports uniforms including sports bags, hats and jackets. Our uniforms and sportswear come in a full range of sizes, guaranteeing a smooth transition from the first to last day of school.

Embroidered School Crests:

A crest symbolizes the values and ideals which the school wishes to instil in its students. Having your school crest emblazoned on each student’s uniform creates a set of shared value and identity between the school, students and their parents. This sense of identity with your formative school can last for a lifetime and be the foundation of some of the student’s fondest memories and friendships. No one remembers their school jumper, but they never forget the crest on its chest, their favourite teacher and their best school friends.

Recently, rules on school uniforms have relaxed and iron on and easy sow on crests have become more easily available.

Promowear Ltd. is a wholly owned Irish company and has operated in the corporate clothing sector since 1996. We currently employ 18 people at our facility in North Park Business Park, Finglas, Dublin 11. The Directors of Promowear come from the industry and bring the benefit of a multi-disciplined approach to the business. Collectively the senior management team bring over 50 years of clothing, distribution and promotional goods experience to the business.

Promowear specialises in the provision of quality Personalised Work Wear, Uniforms and Promotional clothing.

Promowear provides garments perfect for do it yourself crests and can also supply a whole school with pre-emblazoned jumpers and jackets. Contact our sales team for more information.