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Tunics & Tabards

Trust is a huge part of any industry, none more so than the health and beauty sectors. When you walk into a new salon you expect a certain level of cleanliness and professionalism. If the hairdresser is unkempt and the work area in disarray, you’d turn and walk right out of the door. There’s no way clients are going to stay if the staff and premises do not look the part. 

Same when you visit the dentist, can you imagine the dental clinic staff wearing t-shirts and jeans? No, thank you, you deserve and expect employees to be wearing the appropriate clothing, especially when your health is at stake.

One of the simplest ways to project that professional look you expect at good salons or clinics is a stylish uniform. At Promowear, we provide the perfect tunics and tabards to give your employees a clean and hygienic look while also looking fresh and stylish.


Worn by medical staff across the world, a good tunic is a hygienic garment which protects your staff and clients alike. Our range of tunics come in a variety of colours and styles, perfect for the medical and beauty industries.


A tabard is an easily removable and durable apron designed for the beauty industry. A good tabard should be comfortable and hard wearing. We have a wide selection in a variety of styles.

Which is correct for your business?

While a tunic may not be a regulatory requirement, many industries expect staff to wear one and they do have an impact on staff and clients.

Company image:

When picking the correct tunic or tabard for your staff ensure it projects your company’s image. We have a variety of colours and styles which can be embroidered with your logo, for a professional look.


Make sure it’s comfortable, your team needs to be comfortable in the workplace; Ill-fitting clothing can impact work and your company will suffer as a result. Try the work uniform on; Can you pick things up with ease? How about reaching that top shelf? Remember, since your uniform will be worn throughout the year, unless you have a fleece or cardigan for the winter, be sure the uniform is comfortable all year round.


The beauty industry is a part of the world of fashion and looking the part is essential. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles for a fresh and daring look.

All our tunics & tabards can be decorated with your brand and logo, the perfect complement to your professional look.

When image matters, get the right look for your company with Promowear.

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