It’s not just in the office that knitwear comes into its own. Many industries kit their staff out in stylish knitwear to help portray a professional company image, to keep them comfortable in the workplace and to give an air of authority.

Adding knitwear to your staff's uniform is a great way to project your company’s colours and values. Take control of your brand image and make a bold statement with our security jumpers, cardigans, V-neck, round neck and sleeveless jumpers. Knitwear is an ideal choice if you are looking for a more upscale image. Match a smart and comfortable knitwear option with work trousers, a button-down shirt or a polo shirt for a modern smart casual look which your staff will love.

Security Jumper:

The classic example is the security staff jumper. As one of the first member of staff a client sees, ensuring your security team looks the part is essential. At Promowear we have a wide range of security jumpers which are practical, warm and stylish.


Great for keeping warm in the winter months, add a classic cardigan to any work uniform. Since not all members of staff like pull over jumpers or zip fleeces, offer a stylish cardigan as a substitute. A stylish cardigan is light & warm and fits under a fleece or jacket. Choose from button up or open, with or without pockets. A good cardigan goes with a button-down shirt and unlike a jumper, the shirt & tie are more visible.

V & Round Neck Jumpers:

The versatility of a jumper makes it the perfect addition to any staff uniform. Choose from V-neck, round neck and from a variety of materials to get the perfect complement to your company’s look. Jumpers are perfect for decorating with your corporate logo which makes your team easy to identify.

Sleeveless Jumpers:

For the best of both worlds, why not combine a button-down shirt with a sleeveless jumper? Great for looking smart in the cooler months, these even provide extra freedom of movement. A sleeveless jumper is a lighter and more stylish alternative to a jumper with all the same benefits.

All our knitwear can be decorated with your brand and logo, the perfect complement to your professional look.

When image matters, get the right look for your company with Promowear.

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