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Shirts & Blouses

Ensure your employees make a statement and stand out from the crowd with our stylish workwear shirts. A work shirt is the perfect way to display your business's colours & culture.

Choose from a wide variety of styles, including, sleeve length. You can choose to go for long or short sleeves. Pick your fabric. We stock cotton as well as blended (poly-cotton) fabrics. Select a poplin or oxford weave and browse our huge range of colours.

Our wide selection of popular brands including industry leaders like Premier, Sol’s, Kustom Kit, Henbury and many more.

Poplin or Oxford Weave:

You’re sure to find the perfect look with our poplin, oxford and other popular shirts. Poplin and oxford are by far the most popular formal shirts and are perfect for your workplace. Poplin is a flat weave designed for a smooth, light and comfortable feel. Poplin shirts can be a bit difficult to iron and the material is a bit thin to be worn without a jacket. The oxford shirt is made with a rougher yarn and is a more traditional shirt; The weave is visible and has a slightly coarse feeling compared to a poplin. Both are very hard wearing and perfect for any hard-wearing work environment.

Workwear shirts:

Workwear shirts come in a variety of materials ranging from 100% cotton to polyester to a 65:35 or 50:50 poly-cotton blend. Each has its ups and downs, depending on your needs.

100% cotton shirts offer a high level of comfort and breathability but may not be the best choice for your corporate uniform. They are prone to tearing and the thinner fabric wears out quicker. Polyester shirts, on the other hand, are non-breathable and can stick to the skin. They don’t tear as easily as cotton but are considered cheaper than cotton. Poly-cotton offers the best of both worlds. It offers the breathability of cotton and the durability of polyester. A good poly-cotton blend shirt or blouse ticks all the boxes.

Have fun using your uniform to convey your corporate culture to your clients!

Our workwear shirts can be decorated with your brand and logo, the perfect complement to your professional look.

When image matters, get the right look for your company with Promowear.

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