The majority of work and safety wear is pretty obvious, Hi-viz waistcoats and jackets, hardy hard hats and sturdy steel capped boots. But what about work trousers? While many companies have safety guidelines, you see a lot of workmen wearing everything from shorts, to jeans or even tracksuit bottoms. Are these really the best options for a busy and precarious work environment? The simple answer is NO.

Comfortable jeans, shorts or tracksuits bottoms are not safety wear and aren’t designed for harsh site or similar work conditions.

Safety Wear:

Safety wear is the name of the game; All of our workwear is designed to keep you and your staff safe and protected in the work place. Choose from top quality work trousers, coveralls or hi- viz trousers to not only meet strict regulations and guidelines, but also to ensure your teams are safe at all times.

Work Trousers:

A good pair of work trousers are made from strong fabrics and are usually triple stitched and have belt loops. Every workman needs a good hammer loop. Many pairs of workwear trousers have reinforced knees for comfort and longer wear. Don’t forget that reinforced pockets are the best way to ensure that you don’t lose your pencil and measuring tape. Take care of your basic tools with loads of cargo pockets.


Worn by everyone from mechanics to air force pilots, a good pair of coveralls offer full body protection and a slew of pockets. Choose the best coveralls for your industry from our selection of light summer coveralls or padded warm winter coveralls.

Hi-Viz Trousers:

An essential piece of safety wear for work environments with vehicular traffic are hi-viz trousers. You’ll see everyone from ferry workers to lollipop ladies wearing these. They are also great for those working in low light conditions near roadsways or any other work environment with high risk and low visibility.

Our workwear trousers can’t all be decorated with your brand and logo, but safety is more important than branding.

When image matters, get the right look for your company with Promowear.

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