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Promowear Blogs | Personalised Work Clothing

The Benefits Of Purchasing Branded Gifts This Christmas

For some, it will be far too early to mention the ‘C-word’, but there is no hiding from the fact that Christmas is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start purchasing gifts for your family and friends. Of course, as a business owner, it may also be worthwhile thinking about purchasing branded Christmas gifts for your employees, clients and investors too. 

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Essential Winter Warmers To Order For Your Employees

There really is no denying that whilst winter is still a month or so away, the weather is definitely starting to get a lot colder. Many are raiding their winter wardrobe and starting to add extra layers to their daily outfits to keep themselves warm whilst they’re out and about. For this reason, as an employer, if your employees are required to wear a uniform, you should be thinking about whether this uniform is able to keep your team warm over the winter months. 

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The Advantages Of Uniform In The Workplace

It isn’t uncommon for people to associate the word ‘uniform’ with childhood and going to school, however, lots of adults wear some type of uniform on a daily basis to work. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just the emergency services that wear uniforms and whilst many are used to seeing nurses and firefighters in specific pieces of clothing, there are actually a number of other companies across a range of industries that require their employees to wear uniforms too. 

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Reasons Why Cleaning Staff Should Wear Tabard Aprons

Different industries require their staff to wear different uniforms and often, there are specific items that are associated with specific industries. However, there are also some versatile items that are beneficial to a range of different industries, such as tabard aprons, for example. This singular item is worn by workers in the catering, beauty and healthcare industries, but it is fair to say that it is most commonly known for being used in the cleaning industry.

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The Benefits Of Wearing Aprons In The Hospitality Industry

It goes without saying that business owners across an incredibly vast range of industries will require their employees to wear specific customised clothing. From cleaning companies through to personal trainers, it is more common than ever before to see employees in branded workwear and there are so many reasons why companies choose to have a specific ‘uniform’, so to speak. 

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The Importance Of High-Visibility Safety Wear

As you’re probably aware, high-visibility clothing, which is commonly referred to as ‘hi-viz’ clothing, is highly luminescent and easily identifiable from any background. From hi-viz vests to hi-viz trousers, these items with reflective stripes are often considered as safety wear and they are incredibly effective in keeping both employees and any visitors safe whenever they’re in high-risk work environments, no matter what these may be. 

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