Choosing The Right Aprons For Your Employees|

Choosing The Right Aprons For Your Employees

Almost all businesses within the hospitality industry will require their employees to wear a uniform. Whether you run a local cafe or a five-star restaurant, it goes without saying that your brand image is really important and hospitality uniforms help to ensure that your employees are giving off the best first impression. Of course, in this line of work, uniforms are essential for protecting your employees’ own clothes too. 

One particular uniform item that is frequently used to protect clothes in the hospitality industry is an apron and employees in almost every work area in a cafe, bar, pub or restaurant will wear an apron. If you’re interested in buying aprons to add to your uniform and you’re not sure where to start, keep reading today. Below is a list of different things to take into consideration when you’re choosing the right aprons for your employees from the vast range available on the market. 

The shape and size of the apron 

With a selection of bib and waist aprons available, the first thing you will need to do is think about what size and shape you’d like the aprons to be. Often, who is wearing the apron will play a vital role in this and you may find that you need different kitchen aprons to front-of-house aprons, for example. Simply put, you will need to decide how much of your employee’s uniform you’re wanting to cover with the apron and this will automatically narrow down your options. 

The colour of the apron 

Of course, whenever you’re buying a uniform item, you will need to think about the colour you want it to be. If you already have t-shirts, polo shirts or shirts for your employees, think about which colour of apron would best compliment the colours in your uniform already. Also, always take into consideration your brand colours and whether you’d like to incorporate these into your uniform. Never forget to think about how a colour will look at the end of a busy shift too, you may find that darker colours are more suitable. 

The number of pockets in the apron 

Generally speaking, almost all aprons have pockets and it goes without saying that they are incredibly convenient for employees. Think about what different employees need to carry around with them whilst they’re working and how many pockets they’re likely to need to ensure that their hands will be free to do other tasks. Again, you may find that you need different cooking aprons to waiting aprons as employees have different needs in this regard. 

The material of the apron 

As you may expect, material is always important to think about when you’re buying aprons for your employees. You will want to ensure that your employees’ aprons are able to withstand the general wear and tear that they will experience throughout the working day. In addition to this, you should also choose a material that doesn’t stain easily and is really simple to wash at home. It is always worthwhile considering whether you’d like your aprons to be made from sustainable and organic materials as well.  

The customisation of the apron 

Lots of businesses will choose to customise the aprons that their employees wear and there are numerous benefits to doing so. Think about whether you’d like to add an embroidered logo onto the aprons that you buy and if this is something that you’re interested in, where you’d like to put this logo. You will find that the type of aprons you choose will influence where you place the logo and you may want to have different placements on different aprons. 

Buying aprons for your employees 

Hopefully, when you’re wanting to buy aprons for your employees, the information above will be beneficial. Taking the time to carefully consider all of these different points should give you a much better idea of what your individual needs are for your aprons and you can then ensure that you’re choosing the most suitable solution available. With so much choice, you really shouldn’t struggle to find something that’s perfect for your employees. 

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