Explore Fruit of the Loom Uniforms Across Industries

Delving into Different Industries that Can Wear Fruit of the Loom Clothing as Uniform

Whatever industry you work in, uniforms are super important and can completely change the way your business is perceived and also impact your colleagues. Uniforms are an often overlooked aspect of a business, but they are a crucial part of any workplace. A uniform not only provides a unified and professional look for your staff, but it also serves to foster a sense of team unity and pride and can help to protect your employees from potential hazards.

A well known brand is Fruit of the Loom, with a wide range of t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, sweatshirts that can be worn as part of your uniform. But what industries does Fruit of the Loom clothing suit? We want to delve into just a few of the different industries that can wear Fruit of the Loom branded clothing.

Promowear is the leading supplier of uniforms to businesses all across Ireland, providing our high-quality and comfortable uniforms at affordable prices to a wide range of industries.


One industry who will feel right at home with Fruit of the Loom clothing is the sports industry. Whether you compete in a sport, are a personal trainer, work as a sports coach, then you know how important good quality clothing is. If you are performing sports in your role, you need to be in clothing that is high-quality, lightweight, breathable and comfortable so you can feel great all day long. Fruit of the Loom has a wide range of comfortable t-shirts, basketball shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and much more; making it ideal for the sports industry.


Fruit of the Loom clothing is also practical in the construction industry. Those working in construction tend to work long hours, in hot and busy conditions whilst performing manual tasks. For those who are builders, carpenters, joiners, bricklayers, plumbers, or scaffolders wearing comfortable clothing is the most important thing to keep them cool and comfortable. Fruit of the Loom clothing is ideal for your construction staff as its high-quality, simple and comfortable which is exactly what they will need.

Health and Beauty

For those working in the health and beauty industry, having a high-quality and comfortable uniform is crucial as you are not only working a busy and varied role, but you’re also most likely dealing with the general public. Whether you work in a hair salon,  nail salon, a spa, tanning salon, or a massage parlour then you need to look your best whilst also looking professional. Fruit of the Loom has a wide range of comfortable and lightweight clothing items to choose from.


If you are working in the corporate sector, Fruit of the Loom clothing can also be a practical choice. Offering an extensive range of clothing including t-shirts, shirts, jackets and much more so you’ll be able to find ideal pieces of clothing to wear to the office for a smart-casual look. Comfort is also very important for those who are working desk jobs, or those who are out and about at meetings, representing your brand.


In the hospitality industry your staff might be working in very hot and busy conditions, where they are constantly rushing around and on their feet. This means its super important for them to be in lightweight, cool and comfortable clothing. You’ll be able to find clothing to fit any member of your hospitality team, whether that be your waiters, chefs, or front of house staff.

Looking to Buy Fruit of the Loom Clothing for your Staff?

If you’re looking to buy Fruit of the Loom clothing for your business, then why not shop with Promowear today? We stock a range of Fruit of the Loom clothing for both men and women, in a number of sizes, styles, designs and colours ensuring that there is clothing for each member of your team. All items are high-quality, comfortable and long lasting too.

Choose between the Fruit of the Loom Womens V-Neck T-Shirt, Fruit of the Loom Value weight Long Sleeved T-Shirt, Fruit​ of the Loom Tipped Polo, or Fruit of the Loom Short Sleeved Baseball T-Shirt among others.

All items are fully customisable too; add either embroidery, screen printing, or digital printing to your clothing including company name, slogan, logo, employees names, or job titles to the front, back or sides of your clothing to create branded workwear that represents your business.

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