Grow your Brand with Customisable Promotional Headwear |

Grow your Brand with Customisable Promotional Headwear

Caps, beanies and hardhats are a powerful marketing tool for any business. A walking advert that offers a unique and practical way to increase brand visibility and awareness; spreading your brand's message and identity everywhere you and your staff go. Unlike other promotional items, hats and caps are worn repeatedly, ensuring that your logo and brand name receive maximum exposure which is a great marketing and advertising strategy and opportunity for your business. 

An attractive colour or design is crucial for the success of your headwear and a vibrant and bold base of the actual cap or your logo; or the use of unique patterns and shapes will make your headwear stand out more than others. You can enhance this with the use of embroidery or printing techniques to really give your headwear that wow factor; and give that professional but also appealing look and feel. We explore this in more detail within this post.

Choosing the right headwear for your business is another key decision to make. At Promowear we have a wide range of quality and durable options including classic baseball caps, skill caps, trendy beanies and hard hats. All our hats can be personalised to your businesses branding and can match your brand’s image. Within this post we discuss the benefits to customisable headwear; how it will elevate your brand and how it really is a walking advert for your business.

Benefits of Customisable Headwear

●     Advertising

Customisable headwear is a walking advert that provides continuous exposure to your brand.  When employees, customers, or clients wear your branded headwear, they become a walking advert; spreading your brand, logo and identity wherever they go. This is fundamentally free marketing and increased visibility that can lead to greater brand recognition and awareness, which are essential elements for growth and development.

Customisable headwear can also spark and start conversations between people; who may have seen your branding before; have noticed your design; or perhaps like the colour and style of your logo. Whatever the reason; your headwear has extended your brand's reach even further.  By you; as an organisation purely investing in customisable headwear and creating an impactful and consistent presence for your brand; you are raising awareness and growing your brand without investing in other costly campaigns. 

●     Cost Effective Marketing

Customisable headwear is repeated exposure and marketing for your business. Some organisations; when ordering caps; or beanies or even hardhats for their employees or to give to their clients of course; may not initially think of the full marketing advantages a hat will bring them. These hats provide continuous brand visibility with a one time investment; making them an extremely cost effective solution. Unlike other traditional advertising methods that require ongoing investment, headwear is only that one off cost. Our customisable hats can be worn repeatedly, reaching a wide audience without incurring additional costs; a walking advert that just keeps on giving; and growing your business. 

Companies who invest in customisable headwear, promote their brand and message without breaking the bank, making this an attractive option for many organisations out there who are looking to maximise their marketing efforts within it costing a fortune. Customisable headwear not only enhances brand visibility but also builds a sense of unity among employees, customers, and clients who proudly wear the branded headwear.

Printing, Embroidery and Bespoke Designs

At Promowear we offer three different services that will elevate your headwear and therefore organisation even further. These three services are unique and offer you the opportunity to personalise your headwear; making them stand out from the crowd; as well as of course advertising your business via the use of your logo, theme or colour palette.

●     Printing

Screen printing is ideal for vibrant designs on dark fabric as it produces a brighter result to the thicker ink in the application. Digital printing suits intricate designs on lighter garments. Its digital process allows for single-item printing, making it versatile and efficient.

●     Embroidery

Embroidery gives you a long lasting finish. Once we have received the artwork that you wish to use; we digitise it using our specialised software (a one time fee of €35). This digitised file is then stored for future use, allowing your design to be reused multiple times.

●     Bespoke

We pride ourselves on understanding branding guidelines and corporate identity where necessary. We customise our product ranges to align with each of these and your unique requirements ensuring that we only enhance a corporate image.

Welcome to Promowear

Promowear provides promotional clothing, workwear and uniform, suited and relevant to all industries and can be customised to maximise your branding and identity.  We are an Irish owned company and have been in operation since 1996. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and dedication in the clothing, distribution and promotional goods industry and our end to end service, where we provide our clients with the best solution to their needs. Please call us on + 353 (0)1 8647350 or email [email protected] and talk with one of our advisors.

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