Hospitality Staff Uniforms That Are Worthwhile Investing In|

Hospitality Staff Uniforms That Are Worthwhile Investing In

There are a number of benefits to requiring hospitality staff to wear uniforms and they are used everywhere from small quirky cafes and fine dining restaurants to traditional pubs and chain cocktail bars. Not only are uniforms essential for productivity and safety purposes, but they are also a brilliant marketing tool and they are incredibly effective in helping you portray a professional image. 

Nowadays, there are a number of different members of staff in the hospitality industry that require specific pieces of uniform to work efficiently and it can be difficult to know what you actually need to purchase for who. So, to help anyone who is currently in the process of purchasing hospitality staff uniforms for their team, below we have looked into the most essential pieces that are undeniably worthwhile investing in. 

Front of house staff 
No matter whether you run a restaurant or a hotel, your front of house staff are the first people your customers interact with and therefore the first impression of your establishment. For this reason, it is undeniably important that they are dressed appropriately. 

More often than not, the uniform for front of house staff will be chosen specifically with appearance in mind and the functionality isn’t as important as it is for other members of staff. Generally speaking, front of house staff tend to wear; 
Smart trousers or skirts
Shirts or blouses 
Suit jackets or waistcoats 
Ties or scarves

You can guarantee that this formal look will make any member of your front of house team look professional and ensure that they are showing your brand off in the best possible light as soon as any guests enter your establishment. 

Waiters and bar staff 
In all hospitality establishments, your waiters and bar staff will be responsible for ensuring that your guests have a positive experience. This often means that they will be rushing around and making sure everyone has everything they need. 

When purchasing hospitality staff uniforms for waiters and bartenders, it is important to think about practicality and functionality. Their uniform will affect how they perform on a whole and usually, you can expect them to wear; 
Shirts/blouses or polo shirts 
Trousers or skirts 
Comfortable shoes 

The uniform that you choose for your waiters and bar staff should have the perfect balance between being functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can then ensure that they look presentable but their uniform isn’t hindering their ability to carry out their job. 

Chefs and kitchen staff
Sometimes, chefs and kitchen staff will be visible to guests whilst they work, but more commonly they will be working in a hidden kitchen. This means that more often than not, their appearance isn’t as important as other members of staff. 

Due to the role of a chef, it is however essential that their uniform is practical and able to provide them with the protection they need from everyday hazards in the kitchen. Chefs and other kitchen staff tend to wear; 
Chef trousers 
Casual t-shirts
Chef jackets 
Chef hats
Protective footwear

By providing the correct hospitality staff uniforms for your chiefs and kitchen staff, you can trust that they are comfortable and protected from hot food and liquid. Should they ever need to interact with guests, their uniform will ensure they’re dressed appropriately to do so too.

Purchasing hospitality staff uniforms 
Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial when you’re navigating the market and attempting to narrow down the huge selection of hospitality uniforms available nowadays. Now that you know what is needed for each member of your team, you can focus more on what you’d like the uniform to look like and you can then ensure that it perfectly reflects your brand. When wanting to purchase hospitality staff uniforms, be sure to visit the Promowear website. 

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