How Custom, Corporate Clothing Can Benefit your Company|

How Custom, Corporate Clothing Can Benefit your Company

Many companies choose to kit their employees out in workwear and uniforms - whether you work in an office, at a gym, or on a construction site. There are a wide range of benefits to workwear for your business and your employees, and it is super common to have your logo or brand name on specific workwear. One of the most common ways to add your company's logo or name to your workwear is with embroidery, and today our team here at Promowear are here to share with you our essential guide to embroidered workwear. 

Promowear are a uniform supplier based in Ireland, specialising in customised workwear and uniforms to suit all businesses and industries. We are based in Dublin and deliver our workwear to companies all across Ireland - ensuring that your employees look their best at all times. If you’d like to learn more about embroidered workwear, keep reading and make sure to visit our website to view our full range of workwear options in Ireland.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a method used to decorate fabric and materials with logos and designs, using a needle and thread. Most commonly now, businesses use high-tech embroidery machines to make the embroidery process quicker and simpler. Embroidery has been around for thousands of years, and is still a very popular method for custom designing t-shirts and other items of clothing. Embroidery can be used on t-shirts, caps and hats, coats, denim polo shirts and many more items of clothing.

Embroidery is best used for adding small logos, and wording to items of clothing that are not super detailed or require high levels of work. If you want to add your company name to your workwear, embroidery is a fantastic option, or your employee's names or job titles. It can also be used to create small logo designs on clothing. The type of customisation that you choose for your workwear will depend on what you want to add to your custom workwear.

How Does it Differ From Screen or Digital Printing?

There are various customisation options when it comes to adding custom designs to clothing, including screen printing and digital printing. Embroidery differs from the two as it uses a high-tech computerised embroidery machine, and is best suited for small designs and wording. Screen and digital printing are best suited to print photographs and brightly coloured images onto clothing.

Embroidered Workwear in Ireland at Promowear

Here at Promowear, we specialise in embroidered clothing, using high-tech computerised embroidery machines to create stunning designs on your workwear. These machines give your items a sleek, professional, hardwearing and durable finish and are made to last. When you place your order for your workwear, you will have the option to add embroidery to the item of clothing. As well as embroidery, we also offer screen printing and digital printing customisation options - which we recommend for vibrant and colourful designs.

Clothing to Suit All Industries

Here at Promowear, we stock clothing to suit all industries - whether you work in a corporate environment, a gym, a construction site, a warehouse, a beauty parlour, or a kitchen. We know that every company out there could require a uniform which is why we stock uniforms to suit all industries. It can be tricky to source all of your workwear from one place, which is why we ensure that we have everything that you need for your workwear here at Promowear.

You can find trousers, shorts, polo shirts, formal shirts, jackets, blazers, shoes, bags and much more on our website. We have a wide range of sizes available to suit every member of your team, and all of our clothing is of the highest quality to ensure comfort and longevity.

Shop For Your Embroidered Workwear in Ireland with Promowear

We hope that this post has taught you a little bit more about embroidered clothing, and our embroidered workwear options here at Promowear. If you’d like to shop for embroidered workwear for your business in Ireland, you can visit our website and place an order with us today. Have a question for our team? You can reach us by giving us a call on +353 (0)1 8647 350, or by sending us an email to [email protected].

The Essential Guide to Embroidered Workwear