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Popular Items Of Safety Wear Across All Industries

It is incredibly common for businesses across all industries to require their employees to wear some type of uniform these days and surprisingly to some, safety wear is often included in a businesses’ uniform list. Whilst for some, safety wear is required by Health and Safety regulations and some Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential, other businesses will simply incorporate safety wear into their uniforms out of choice. 

There are numerous benefits associated with safety wear, from making employees easily visible to helping with identification, and it is undeniably worthwhile including some items of safety wear into your uniform list. If you’ve never required your employees to wear any safety wear before and you’re curious as to which items are most popular amongst business owners, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the most frequently sought-after safety wear items. 

Safety vests 

One of the most common items of safety wear worn across all industries is a safety vest. Many will buy safety vests with hi-viz reflective tape strips and requiring employees to wear these can be a really inexpensive way to reduce workplace accidents. These high visibility vests are usually associated with high-risk workplaces, but they are actually used by many different businesses and they can be really advantageous to always have on-site. 

Safety tops 

Similarly to safety vests, safety tops are frequently purchased by businesses. This category of clothing tends to cover everything from t-shirts and polo tops to hoodies and jackets, yet all items will be hi-viz. There are appropriate safety tops for all times of the year and all weather conditions, so whether employees work inside or outside, it is easy to find safety wear that is suitable for them and many include different items in their seasonal uniforms. 

Safety bottoms 

Whilst they aren’t as common a sight as safety vests and safety tops, lots of businesses will sometimes require their employees to wear and these tend to be full-length hi-viz overtrousers. Usually, a traditional dayglow yellow colour is chosen for safety wear, but it is actually really common for orange to be chosen for safety bottoms and this colour can help to make employees stand out against particular background colours in the workplace. 

Safety coveralls 

When it is incredibly important that employees are visible, safety coveralls are included on uniform lists. With hi-viz reflective tape strips on the arms, legs and torso, safety coveralls can be really beneficial in some working conditions, for example, sites with low light conditions. This item of full-body hi-viz clothing is really easy to put on over the top of any other uniform items too, making it a convenient solution when high visibility isn’t required at all times. 

Safety shoes 

Even though this isn’t an item of hi-viz safety wear like all of the others above, it is still worth mentioning as safety shoes are very popular in a vast range of industries. This type of footwear can help to protect employees from injuries caused by falling or rolling objects, and often, safety shoes are steel capped. Any busy work environment can benefit from safety shoes and advancing technology makes today’s footwear comfortable, flexible and stylish as well as safe. 

Buying safety wear for your employees

Hopefully, if you’re interested in buying safeaty wear for your employees, even if it isn’t necessarily required in your industry, the information above will be useful. Now that you know a little bit more about the most popular items available in this regard, you can begin to consider which would be more suitable for your employees. You may even find that depending on the job roles of your employees, different items are required for different teams. 

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