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Popular Uniform Combinations Amongst Businesses

More often than not these days, businesses require their employees to wear a uniform and if they don’t, strict dress codes tend to be implemented instead. There are so many advantages to opting for a uniform, especially when it is customised to your brand, and not only can a uniform help to create a sense of belonging but it can be a brilliant marketing tool as well. 

When you first decide to introduce a uniform into your business, one of the most important decisions to make is which items of clothing you’d like to include in this uniform. There is more choice in this regard than ever before and nowadays uniform companies can customise everything from coats and jackets to shirts and blouses. To help anyone who is searching for some inspiration for their uniform, below we have looked into some of the most popular combinations of clothing items used to create business uniforms. 

Polo shirts and fleece jackets 

This is one of the most commonly seen uniforms and it is particularly popular in the retail industry. Many will require their employees to wear a customised polo shirt with a matching fleece jacket, for the colder months, and this is a more casual and comfortable uniform solution. Lots of businesses will allow employees to wear their own trousers with this type of uniform. 

Shirts or blouses and aprons 

You can usually expect to see employees working in bars and restaurants wearing this uniform combination and a shirt/blouse with an apron is considered to be a staple uniform solution in the hospitality industry. This type of uniform is both smart looking and practical, and again, it is quite common for employees to wear their own trousers with these customised items, but they will often be required to be a particular colour. 

Blazers and trousers or skirts 

Generally speaking, in more corporate settings, the uniform combination will be much smarter and blazers are an essential part of most uniforms. In places like banks, opticians and airports, you can expect to see employees wearing matching blazers and trousers or skirts, and they tend to have a simple plain shirt underneath their jacket. Often, this uniform combination will be paired with accessories like ties and scarfs too. 

T-shirts and jog pants or leggings 

Within the fitness industry, lots of businesses will opt for a much more casual look and a popular uniform combination for gyms and fitness centres is t-shirts and jog pants or leggings. This activewear is also chosen for practicality too and it will help to prevent employees being restricted by their customised uniform whilst they’re working and helping members.

Hi-viz vests, tops and bottoms 

In any high-risk workplace, you will usually see employees wearing hi-viz clothing and this type of uniform is essential for health and safety. You can expect to see hi-viz vests, hi-viz tops and hi-viz bottoms worn by employees in warehouses and factories, and also on construction sites. Sometimes, businesses will mix and match hi-viz clothing with plain t-shirts or trousers too. 

Tunics and trousers or skirts 

The vast majority of the time, employees working in hairdressers, spas and beauty salons will be wearing this uniform combination, and tunics, in particular, are a must-have in the beauty industry. Appearance is really important for businesses in this industry and their customised uniform is designed to ensure that their employees are always well presented. 

Investing in customised uniforms

Hopefully, when you’re trying to decide which items of clothing you should incorporate into your business’s uniform, the information above will be beneficial. It is likely that you will have seen all of these popular uniform combinations used by businesses and often, depending on the industry your business falls under, one of them will be more suitable for you than the others. 

When searching for somewhere to purchase customised uniforms, be sure to explore the rest of the Promowear website. We have many years of experience supplying a wide range of clothing to businesses and we provide a convenient end-to-end service to our customers. No matter what combination of uniform items you’re interested in, we are confident that we will have the perfect solution for you and with multiple colours and logo options to choose from, customising your uniform couldn’t be easier. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us today.

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