Reasons to Add Your Company's Logo to Your Workwear|

Reasons to Add Your Company's Logo to Your Workwear

It’s essential to have your staff looking their best in the workplace, and many companies are now opting for customised workwear with their logos, brand names or slogans adorned on it. But you might be thinking, is it worth kitting out my team in customised workwear and will it make a difference to your company? There are a wide range of benefits of adding your logo to your workwear, from increased brand recognition, to creating a professional look, to helping build a company culture.

Promowear want to share with you just some of the reasons why you should add your company’s logo to your workwear, and how it can positively impact your company. Promowear are Ireland’s leading supplier of workwear, providing customers with quality, comfortable and stylish uniforms to suit a variety of industries. 

Free Marketing and Advertising For Your Company 

When we have our company logos on our workwear, it provides us with essentially free marketing and advertising. Wherever our employees go in their custom workwear, people will see your company’s logo and remember it. This can be a fantastic way to bring in new customers and clients, and to get your company’s name out there. Even when your staff are going to the shops after work or popping out at lunch, people will become familiarised with your company and recognise your logo and branding.

Professional Look For The Entire Team

Adding your company’s logo to your workwear will also create a professional look for your entire team, which sets a great first-impression for our companies. We all want potential customers and clients to be impressed with our company and our team when they walk through our doors, which is exactly what custom workwear provides. It will ensure that all of your employees look smart and well put-together, and also shows that you care about your staff and how they look. 

Unite Your Team and Strengthen Company Culture

Custom workwear also helps to unite your team, and can make them feel connected to their fellow workers as they are all in the same workwear. Every member of your team is there to work on the same mission, even if they are in different roles and custom workwear can help to really bring your team together. It will build a sense of solidarity in your workplace, and help to strengthen your company culture. Custom workwear can also make your employees feel rewarded as you are giving something back to them, and shows them that you care about them.

Add Your Company’s Logo to Your Workwear with Promowear

We work with a wide range of businesses all across Ireland to provide them with our comfortable, high-quality customised workwear that meets their businesses needs exactly, and that their employees are comfortable in all year round. All of our customised workwear is priced affordably, offering you excellent value for money that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Here at Promowear we stock a wide range of clothing to suit all industries, whether you work in hospitality, the corporate industry, sports, beauty, healthcare, construction and much more. You will be able to find a variety of clothing to kit out your team, including hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, trousers, polo shirts, footwear and much more. 

All of our clothing is available in a wide range of sizes to suit every member of your team, and a large selection of colours to choose from. 

Fully Customisable Workwear

All of our workwear is fully customisable, so that you can design workwear that fits your company profile. When you place your order with us, you will be able to choose to add screen printing, or embroidery to your item if you wish to add customisation. 

With customisation, you can add your companies logo, name, slogan, employee names, job titles and much more creating a completely unique piece of workwear for your staff. We have over 20 years of experience helping our customers create custom workwear, so we are well equipped to recommend you with the best solution for your order.

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