The Best Types Of Winter Jackets For Uniforms|

The Best Types Of Winter Jackets For Uniforms

Now that winter is fast approaching, the weather is starting to get colder outside and as an employer, you might be questioning whether your uniform is still suitable for your employees. This is the time of year when people start layering up as they head outside and if your uniform only consists of a polo shirt and a sweatshirt, for example, you might want to consider purchasing some jackets for your employees to wear. 

Thankfully, uniform companies have a vast selection of jackets to choose from and with their help, you can easily keep your team warm over the winter months. If you’re wondering what type of jacket you should be purchasing for your employees’ uniforms, below we have put together a list of some of the best winter jackets to purchase. 

Softshell jackets 

Softshell jackets are a very popular choice across a range of industries and they are ideal for the winter months. These jackets are considered to be a happy medium between jumpers and thick winter coats, and they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor wear. Not only are softshell jackets really comfortable, but they are very lightweight and some are even waterproof too. This type of jacket is surprisingly affordable as well. 

3-in-1 jackets

3-in-1 jackets are a brilliant multi-functional jacket and, as the name suggests, they are a combination of two jackets that can be zipped together to make one jacket. Due to the fact that each part of this jacket can be worn separately, 3-in-1 jackets are perfect for autumn, winter and spring. Something like the Stormtech Atmosphere 3-in-1 jacket is a brilliant choice as it provides superior waterproof protection and warmth.

Waterproof jackets

Waterproof jackets are a must for anyone who works outside. The unpredictability of the weather makes having a waterproof jacket essential during the winter months and this type of jacket is a great top layer. Often, waterproof jackets are quite lightweight and very thin, making them perfect to put over the top of something like a hoodie.

Hooded jackets

Hooded jackets are also essential for those who work outside and having a hood whether it’s raining or it’s just really cold is beneficial. This type of jacket varies in style and there are lots of different options to choose from. Quilted designs like the Result Urban Outdoor Urban Snow Bird jacket are a popular choice these days and this coat is fashionable and professional-looking, yet also really warm. 

Fleece jackets 

Fleece jackets are the perfect indoor jacket and they are an excellent alternative to traditional knitwear items like crew neck jumpers and cardigans. These jackets are also lightweight, but surprisingly warm and incredibly soft, not to mention, they are really versatile in terms of design. When compared to other types of jackets, fleece jackets are really affordable too and they will look as good as new, wear after wear. 

Bodywarmer jackets

Bodywarmer jackets, also referred to as gilets, are a good choice if they’re going to be worn in addition to other long-sleeved layers. This classic type of jacket is available in a range of different materials, colours and styles, and it can look both casual and formal. The unique design of a bodywarmer preserves body heat, so this type of jacket will prevent employees from getting cold, even if they work outside. 

Finding a reliable uniform company for your winter jackets 

All in all, there is no denying that your employees will appreciate being given another layer to wear during the winter months and adding a coat to your uniform is really beneficial. Hopefully, the different types of coats mentioned above will have given you some inspiration and you will now have a better idea of which winter coat would be most suitable for your team. 

Regardless of which type of coat you’d like to purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Promowear for the winter warmers that you need. As an experienced uniform company, we supply a brilliant selection of winter coats that is inclusive of all of those mentioned above and we can help you to choose the perfect solution for your uniform. What’s more, we offer businesses the opportunity to customise their uniforms too and we will gladly discuss with you in more detail the different branding options available. 

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