Things To Consider When Designing Custom Workwear|

Things To Consider When Designing Custom Workwear

There are so many advantages to requiring your employees to wear a uniform, no matter what industry sector your company is in, and they are an incredibly common sight nowadays. From making employees easily identifiable and protecting their own clothing to creating a sense of belonging amongst your team and increasing their confidence at work, simply having a uniform can make day-to-day working life much easier and more enjoyable for everyone. 

More often than not, companies will choose to design custom workwear and this comes with its own unique benefits too. Promowear can improve the first impressions of your company and help you to promote your brand, so they’re undeniably worthwhile investing in custom uniforms. When it comes to designing custom workwear for your company, no matter what items of clothing you’re interested in, you have a number of important decisions to make, including; 

The colour of the workwear 

You can purchase everything from polo shirts and t-shirts to aprons and tabards in a huge range of colours and you will need to think about the colour of your custom workwear. This is arguably one of the most important decisions to make and you will need to ensure that the colour is suitable for both the job role of your employees and your brand image. 

When choosing a colour for your custom workwear, think about how likely it is to get dirty throughout the day. A visibly dirty uniform will negatively affect the appearance of your employees, so a darker colour that hides stains may be more suitable in some circumstances. Also, think about your brand’s colours and the colour scheme of your company’s premises to ensure that the colour of your custom workwear is in line with and complements these. 

The placement of your logo 

Almost all companies will choose to have their logo on their uniforms, especially when they opt for custom workwear. This is undeniably a brilliant marketing tool and it can help to ensure that customers are remembering your company. There are so many different places you can put a logo on an item of uniform though and you need to carefully consider the placement. 

It goes without saying that you will want to ensure that the logo is clearly visible whenever the uniform is worn by your employees, so think about which placement is best in this regard. However, you don’t want the logo to be too overpowering or look out of place on the custom workwear, so think about the proportions and the size of your logo. If you’re wanting to have name badges, for example, always bear these in mind when deciding on the placement too. 

The type of branding used

No matter what you’re having incorporated into your custom workwear design, whether this is just a logo or you’d like to have something written elsewhere, you need to decide how these will be put onto the items of uniform. Often, the two most popular options in this regard are printing and embroidery, and they both have their own unique benefits. 

Look into both of these branding solutions and think about which will be most suitable for your custom workwear. When making your decision, ensure that you’re taking into consideration everything from the material and the colour of the uniform to the detail in your logo and how many items you’re ordering. Of course, durability and budget are something else you need to think about when choosing the type of branding you’re going to use as well. 

Designing custom workwear for your business 

When designing your custom workwear, thinking about everything mentioned above is really important and this will help you to ensure that you’re investing in the perfect items for your employees to wear. No matter whether you’re wanting a full uniform or just a polo shirt, for example, still take the time to consider all of the information above, this will help to ensure that your company is benefiting as much as possible from the uniforms your employees wear. 

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