Smart Choices: Buying Branded Snoods for Employees

Things To Think About When Purchasing Branded Snoods For Your Employees

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, many employees will change the uniform that they’re wearing and add extra layers to keep themselves warm. One particular item that many have been turning to recently over the chilly winter months to help prevent themselves from getting too cold is a snood. Nowadays, the term ‘snood’ refers to an accessory which is essentially a tubular scarf and is worn high around the neck. 

More often than not, snoods tend to be made from Polyester microfibre and they are light-weight and comfortable, yet still incredibly warm thanks to their double layering. During the colder working days, many will even pull the snood up as a protective face covering to prevent them from breathing in the cold air too. If you would like to provide this particular accessory for your team for them to wear with the rest of their work clothing, there are a number of benefits to investing branded snoods. When doing so, be sure to think about the following; 

The colour/s you’re going to choose 

This is always the first thing to think about whenever you’re ordering workwear and just because this is a small accessory, it doesn’t mean that you can overlook this. Think about the different colours used in your employees’ workwear already and also the colours associated with your brand. You can then ensure that your snoods don’t seem out of place when worn. 

Where your logo will be embroidered 

More often than not, employers will ensure that all of their workwear is branded and, of course, there are a vast number of benefits to doing so. If you’re wanting to embroider your logo onto the snoods that you order, think about how big you’d like the logo to be and also where it will be placed. Ideally, you want to ensure that it will easily be seen, so bear this in mind.

How many snoods you need to order 

Whenever you’re ordering in bulk, it is always beneficial to think realistically about how many items you need. Usually, the more items you purchase, the cheaper the price per item will be and you can save a lot of money by bulk buying. So, consider whether your team will need one or two snoods each before you place your first order. 

Whether you would like a sample before bulk ordering 

It isn’t uncommon for employers to request a sample of the new workwear items they’re purchasing, especially if they haven’t ordered this type of item before. Think about whether you’d like to receive some different samples before you choose which snoods to order, or if you’re happy to just go ahead and order the item you’re drawn to online. 

How easy the snood will be to wash 

This is an incredibly important thing to think about, especially if your employees will be wearing their snoods as a protective face covering. For hygiene reasons, you will need to ensure that they’re easy to wash at home and this will then encourage your employees to wash them on a regular basis. Ideally, find snoods that are machine washable. 

What your budget is for these uniform extras 

As always, whenever you’re ordering new workwear for your team of employees, it is important to think about how much you’re willing to spend on the items you’re purchasing. Consider what your budget is for accessories and as mentioned above, whether it would be cheaper to order slightly more than you need right now to get a cheaper price per item. 

Purchasing branded snoods and workwear in Dublin

All in all, there is no denying that it is worthwhile purchasing branded snoods for your employees this winter and you can guarantee that if they work outside on a frequent basis, they will be really grateful to have the additional layer to keep them warm. Hopefully, when thinking about everything mentioned above you will find it easier to purchase the best snoods and you can ensure that you’re investing your money wisely. 

When wanting to purchase branded snoods or any other type of workwear in Dublin, be sure to contact us here at Promowear. We are an Irish owned company that specialises in customised clothing for businesses. For over two decades now we have been providing an end-to-end service to those who are wanting to purchase workwear in Dublin. With a huge range of products to choose from, you can rely on us to provide you with all of the essentials you need for your team of employees. 

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