Tips for Choosing a High-Quality Company for your Workwear|

Tips for Choosing a High-Quality Company for your Workwear

If you are searching for a high-quality workwear company from which to source your employee's uniforms, you may have realised how many options are out there. Upon a search online, you will find hundreds of companies all claiming to offer the best workwear for the best prices, but how do you know which one to go for? There are a wide variety of factors to consider when picking the right uniform company for your workwear. Here at Promowear, we want to share with you a few tips that we have put together on choosing the right uniform company for you.


Does the uniform company that you are looking at provide a wide variety of workwear options? You want to be able to source all of your workwear from one place, and not have to search around on various websites. A great uniform company will also have workwear options for a wide range of industries, ranging from hospitality to corporate to industrial.

Sizes and Colours

If a uniform company provides very limited sizing options, then it shows that they are not catering to a wide range of customers and are limiting themselves to a smaller demographic. You want to be able to provide every person in your company with their workwear so sizing options are essential. A uniform company providing their items in a variety of colours also shows that they are catering to a wide variety of companies and have options available to suit everyone.

Customisation Options

Do they provide a wide variety of customisation options? When selecting which uniform company to go for, you want to ensure that they offer a wide range of customisation options so that you can add your company's logo, brand name, or employee names. If a company offers very limited customisation options, then it shows that they do not specialise in customised workwear.

Quality Products

The quality of your workwear is essential because it will mean that it is long-lasting and durable, and comfortable for your employees. You do not want to kit your employees out in cheap, uncomfy workwear that won’t last very long so you need to be sure that the materials used are of a high standard and good quality when searching for uniform companies.

Introducing Workwear at Promowear

Promowear are a leading Irish uniform company, providing our fantastic ranges of customisable clothing for both businesses and individuals. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top-of-the-range products, to suit any industry including corporate, hospitality, health and beauty, sport, industrial and many more. You can choose between a wide range of coats and jackets, safety vests, blouses, t-shirts, bottoms, shoes and accessories at Promowear for any workplace.

Variety to Suit Every Workplace

We have a wide selection of sizes, ranging from XS to XXL and colours to suit any company's brand including Black, White, Navy, Bottle Green, Grey, Burgundy and many more. We ensure that we have a wide variety of sizes and colours to suit every employee and every company. We provide a variety of customisation options, and all of our workwear items are completely customisable. You can add your company's logo or brand name to the front, back, or side of your item in a variety of placements so that you can make it fit your company perfectly.

High-Quality Customer Service

We care about our customers, and always put your needs first to make sure that we provide you with the best service possible. Our team is always there to help if you need anything, and ensure that we get back to all of our enquiries as quickly as possible. Our items are made with the highest quality materials, and you can trust that they are long-lasting, durable, and comfortable. The majority of our workwear is made from 100% cotton, one of the most comfortable, sustainable and breathable materials available.

Purchase your Uniforms with Confidence from Promowear Today

If you are interested in purchasing your company's uniforms and workwear from Promowear, then visit our website today. It is simple and straightforward to purchase your company's uniforms from Promowear, and our knowledgeable team is always on hand to assist you if needed. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our team then you can give us a call on +353 (0)1 8647350 or email us at [email protected].

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