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Why Cotton is the Ideal Material for Beauty Uniforms

Here at Promowear, we know that choosing the right material for your uniforms is essential to keeping your employees comfortable, especially in a beauty environment. Whether you are a hairdresser, massage therapist, makeup artist or nail technician - you need a uniform that is breathable, durable, as well as well-fitting. You may be on your feet all day, working and interacting with the general public, potentially being in close contact with products and chemicals, and you need something that will withstand those conditions and be good for your skin. We want to discuss the benefits of cotton in different environments.

Background on Cotton

Cotton is used in the world more than any other natural fibre, and it is a natural crop that dates back thousands of years. It is grown from the earth and spun into a soft yarn, and is both biodegradable and renewable. Cotton is one of the most sustainable materials on earth - especially when compared to toxic unsustainable materials such as polyester, acrylic and nylon which are petroleum based and not good for the environment or your skin.

It is widely known that cotton is a great material for clothing with many advantages, but what are the main benefits of wearing a cotton material for beauty uniforms? Promowear are here to tell you more about cotton, and why it's the ideal material for beauty uniforms today.

Main Benefits of Wearing Cotton Beauty Uniforms

Cotton is a material that allows you to remain at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather. Cotton has fibres in it that provide thermal insulation, allowing you to stay comfortable all throughout the year at your workplace. This is especially important for those in a beauty environment as you will be busy and on your feet throughout the day, getting hot and then cooling down several times.

As cotton is a very breathable material, it will allow your body and skin to breath and transmit moisture away from your body keeping you as sweat-free as possible. It is naturally absorbent, showing less perspiration and keeping you cool and dry. It is also a hypoallergenic material, meaning it rarely causes allergic reactions or irritates the skin. This makes it a great material to use for beauty uniforms as it can be worn by most people with no irritation or allergies occurring, and is great for your skin compared to other materials that can cause rubbing, rashes, and irritation.

Cotton is certainly one of the most comfortable materials on Earth. It will keep you comfortable all day long - as well as allowing your skin to breathe as it should. Being comfortable in your work uniform is essential, and will make it a lot more bearable to wear all day long. No one enjoys wearing uncomfortable materials made from materials that don’t feel good on their body or fit well.

It is also extremely durable and tough and is a lot less likely to tear or trip than other materials. Often beauty uniforms are made from synthetic materials that are a lot more likely to rip and aren’t as strong. Cotton is known to be extremely durable as well as long-lasting, making it the ideal material for a uniform.

Cotton Beauty Uniforms at Promowear

At Promowear, we know how essential it is to have a beauty uniform that is comfortable, breathable, and looks good too. We are Irelands number one supplier of uniforms to the beauty sector, and our garments are all priced competitively and we stock the latest fashions from the most recognised industry suppliers. In a sector where appearances matter, it's important to have your staff in crisp, clean and professional uniform - which is why our beauty uniforms are all made from high-quality materials and fabrics making it easy for you to create an impeccable look for your salon, spa or clinic.

We stock a range of beauty uniforms, with items including Tunics & Tabards, Gowns & Aprons, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Trousers, Bags and more. You can choose from our SOL'S Women T-Shirt, SOL'S Patriot Pique Polo Shirt, Premier Poppy Trouser, and Premier Pocket Tabard - all made either fully or primarily from cotton-based materials. You can take a further look at our Beauty Uniforms on our website, and browse through our range of comfortable, breathable clothing options available in a range of styles, colours and sizes to suit everyone.

Our Beauty Uniforms are perfect no matter what industry you are in, and can be tailored to suit your specific company with our customisation services. You are able to customise our uniforms and add your companys logo, name, employee names and titles - to suit your business and give your uniforms that extra professional feel. If you would like to contact Promowear with any questions or queries regarding our beauty uniforms or other products, feel free to contact our friendly team today.

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