Printed Safety Vests: A Smart Company Investment

Why Printed Safety Vests are a Great Investment for your Company

High visibility clothing such as safety vests or jackets are an extremely important form of PPE, for workers in a wide range of industries. PPE stands for personal protective equipment, which is a form of clothing or protection to keep you safe in your workplace. In industries where high visibility clothing is required, employers must provide their staff with hi-vis clothing free of charge to ensure their safety.

They are often worn by construction workers, rail workers, emergency responders, airport ground crews, heavy equipment operators - and a variety of other jobs. So we know who has to wear high visibility clothing such as safety vests, but what are the benefits of wearing a printed safety vest with your logo or brand on it? Today our team at Promowear wanted to tell you more about why customised safety vests are a good investment for your company, and share with you our safety wear options.

Why Invest in Printed Safety Vests

By customising your safety vests or other high-visibility safety wear, it will market your brand and raise brand awareness for your company. People will remember your logo, and it is essential in a highly competitive environment. By having your logo or brand on your clothing, it can help to bring in new clients and customers as people will see your branding on your hi-vis clothing without even talking to you. It will drive recognition, and is a low-cost form of marketing as it isn’t expensive but can bring you a lot of new business.

It also creates a more professional and put-together look and shows that your company cares about your branding and image. You may also differentiate from your competitors that don’t have their branding on their hi-vis clothing - whereas you will, giving you an extra tick. Customised safety wear also unites your workers, and can boost productivity and team building. Every member of your staff will be wearing hi-vis clothing with your brand/logo on it, creating a stronger team feeling.

By wearing customised safety wear with your logo/branding, it also improves your company's security. Your employees will be wearing high-vis clothing that is branded to your business, standing out from any potential visitors or intruders who are in regular hi-vis without your branding. This can help you recognise and differentiate staff and visitors, and separates your staff from other companies' staff in hi-vis.

Printed Safety Wear at Promowear

At Promowear, we have a wide range of safety wear available, including hi-vis vests, trousers, tops, waistcoats, jackets, and tabards in a variety of sizes - to fit both men and women. By wearing hi-vis clothing, you are greatly reducing the possibility of on-site accidents where you may get injured. Hi-vis clothing helps to keep your employees safe as well as visitors, in what can be extremely high-risk environments.

The level of hi-vis clothing required can change depending on the working conditions - for example, low light conditions may require full-body hi-vis clothing. The most popular colours are usually dayglow yellow. However, greens and oranges are also available as the background colours in your workplace may affect how visible an employee is. You can browse through our large range of safety clothing on our website, choosing from vests and waistcoats, jackets and tabards in a range of sizes, to suit both men and women.

Add your Logo to your Safety Wear with Promowear

At Promowear, all of our clothing is fully customisable meaning you can add your company's logo or branding to any of our hi-vis workwear. We have various customisation options available, including printing and embroidery. Embroidery is the art of stitching your design onto your garment, using our high-tech computerised embroidery machines. This gives items a sleek, professional, hardwearing and durable finish.

Or if you’d prefer a printed image or logo rather than embroidery, we have both screen printing and digital printing options available also. We are also able to create bespoke customised clothing, so if you require something particular that our embroidery or printing options won’t give you - you can contact our team today to discuss your bespoke order.

Shop our Safety Vests and Safety Clothing at Promowear

Take a look through our safety vests and safety wear clothing available at Promowear by visiting our website today. If you would like a free quotation for your printed or embroidered safety vests and workwear, you can contact our team.

We will be able to give you a free quotation for your safety workwear customisation within 24 hours, as well as a digital proof so you can see how your clothing will look with your logo or branding. If you’d like a free quotation, please request one via our website.

If you want to contact our team directly with any questions regarding our printed and embroidered safety vest and safety wear clothing options, you can give us a call on + 353 (0)1 8647350 or email us at [email protected].

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