Custom Workwear Excellence with Recycled Polyester

Why Recycled Polyester Is A Popular Material Choice For Custom Workwear

Businesses in a range of different industry sectors will require their employees to wear a uniform for a number of different reasons, whether this is to protect their own clothing or to increase brand awareness, and nowadays, uniforms differ so much from business to business. When you’re deciding what custom workwear you’d like your employees to wear, you will have a huge range of products to choose from and this makes it incredibly easy to find something suitable. 

As more and more business owners are becoming conscious of their carbon footprint, when purchasing work uniforms it is also becoming increasingly common for them to look for sustainable and organic solutions. Whilst there are a number of different materials that this type of custom workwear can be made from, recycled polyester is a popular choice amongst clothing manufacturers and business owners alike, and here’s why; 

What is recycled polyester?

Similarly to traditional polyester, recycled polyester is still a man-made fabric that is produced with synthetic fibres. However, the big difference between these two types of polyester is the materials which are used to make the fabric. 

As the name suggests, recycled polyester is made from existing materials that are repurposed to make clothing. Simply put, used plastic is melted down, processed and then spun into thread that can be used to make a number of different items. 

Most commonly, recycled polyester is made from old water bottles, which are not naturally biodegradable, and by re-using these, it can help to prevent them from going to landfill sites or into the ocean. 

Why purchase custom workwear made from recycled polyester?

There are a number of different reasons why so many businesses choose to purchase custom workwear that is made from recycled polyester, including; 

Much better for the environment

Aside from the fact that recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic, it is also better for the environment in terms of production too. Making recycled polyester requires much less energy compared to traditional polyester, so it helps to reduce carbon emissions as well. It really is one of the best options available when you’re conscious of your business carbon footprint.

Durable and long-lasting fabric 

One of the main reasons why so many choose to purchase work uniforms that are made from recycled polyester is because it is pretty much identical to traditional polyester in terms of quality. So, the clothing will be incredibly durable and very easy for employees to keep clean, not to mention it is wrinkle-resistant too and employees will always look professional. 

Perfect for outerwear 

Whilst other materials, such as organic cotton, are still a popular choice for t-shirts and polo tops, there is no better choice for coats and jackets. Traditional polyester and, in turn, recycled polyester is known for keeping you warm, even when it is wet. So, you can trust that when you purchase recycled polyester outerwear for your employees, it will be undoubtedly fit for purpose. 

It’s no more expensive than other options 

Surprisingly to some, purchasing custom workwear made from recycled polyester isn’t extortionate and you won’t be paying above the odds for it because it is a more sustainable option. As this material becomes even more popular, it is likely that the costs of it will continue to decrease as well, so over time, you may even end up saving yourself money. 

Purchasing custom workwear in Ireland 

All in all, there is no denying that whilst you will have a number of different material options to choose from when you’re purchasing custom workwear for your employees, it is incredibly beneficial to opt for recycled polyester and it is easy to see why it is a popular choice. Nowadays, there is such a huge range of workwear products available that are made from recycled materials too, so you shouldn’t struggle to find everything you’re looking for. 

When searching for somewhere to purchase custom workwear in Ireland, be sure to visit the Promowear website. We specialise in customised clothing for businesses and we have an impressive range of high-quality clothing products for you to choose from. We even have a sustainability range that uses both recycled and organic materials, so you can purchase any of these items knowing that you will be doing your bit for the environment. We invite you to browse through our website today to find out more about the products that we supply. 

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