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Why Safety Vests Are Essential in Certain Industries

Safety is a key priority in any workplace - no matter whether it’s a warehouse, factory or office. In the last few decades, the widespread implementation of safety vests in the workplace has greatly improved overall safety. The frequency of on-site accidents and fatalities has steadily declined, as more and more workers are wearing highly-visible safety vests that mark their presence on-site. 

If you are considering purchasing safety vests for your staff to wear, but haven’t yet come to a firm decision to proceed with this investment, then Promowear can help you in this area. In this short post, we have outlined the major reasons why safety vests are so indispensable in all types of industries, and the various options you can purchase from our online store today.

The Importance of Safety Vests

Specific industries such as construction, manufacturing and agriculture - to name just a few, are historically quite dangerous and there’s often a greater risk of accidents happening in the workplace. However, there is one piece of clothing that can go some way towards preventing accidents from occuring - the safety vest. Safety vests are incredibly useful and in some cases, life-saving. 

This is because when you wear a safety vest, you are making yourself visible to all individuals around you, and alerting them of your presence. In situations where there is an added level of danger such as environments with poor visibility, extreme weather and at night, a safety vest can notify other individuals in the vicinity that they are present. Being seen is vital - it protects you and prevents tragedies from happening. If you’d like to source safety vests at an affordable price - then contact Promowear today. 

The Range of Safety Vests at Promowear

At Promowear, we stock safety vests that meet EU regulations - with different options from a number of brands available. One of our most recommended safety vests is the Yoko Hi-Viz Vest, which is suitable for an array of environments and settings. It has reflective tapes, which mean it gives even greater visibility - particularly in those places where there is little to no clear vision. You can purchase this safety vest in up to 24 distinct colour variations, so you could decide to purchase several versions for different jobs and work. We offer a range of sizes from S-5XL, and prices begin from just €7.85.

Another safety vest that is superb value for money is the Uneek Sleveless Safety Waist Coat. This safety vest is superior in two main areas - visibility and durability. It stands out with two retro reflective strips on the body, and 1 over each individual shoulder. Similarly, it is made from quality material so it will stand the test of time, and remain usable for many years. We sell this safety best in yellow, and offer sizes from S-4XL. If you’d like to customise this safety vest - with your own company logo or name for instance - then this is something we’re also able to do for an affordable price.

If you would like to browse our range of safety vests, then visit the Promowear website today. Our helpful team can also assist you with choosing the right safety vest for your employees - so that they’re always kept safe. 

Require Help with Buying a Safety Vest?

If you want to buy a safety vest, but would like a specialist to assist you in choosing, then contact Promowear today. You can reach us by phone on +353 (0)1 8647350. We can answer your questions, provide you with more details about our safety vests, and help you pick the ideal product. 

You can also reach us by email directly at [email protected] and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, to explore our wider catalogue of safety products and workwear - visit the Promowear website today.

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