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Why So Many Businesses Have Seasonal Branded Workwear

It isn’t uncommon for businesses in a range of different industry sectors to require their employees to wear branded workwear from Promowear and it goes without saying that there are numerous advantages to doing so. Not only will a customised uniform help with things like brand awareness, but it can also protect your employees too, and it is no surprise that many choose to invest in branded workwear.

Commonly, when requiring employees to wear a uniform, businesses will have different items of clothing for different seasons and the workwear will differ slightly over the year. From wearing polo shirts in the summer to sweatshirts in the winter, there are lots of advantages to seasonal branded workwear. If you’re wondering whether it is worthwhile investing in different items for this spring/summer, below we have looked into the benefits of doing so. 

Ensure employees are comfortable all year round 

The most obvious reason why so many businesses have seasonal branded workwear is to ensure that their employees aren’t freezing cold in the winter or boiling hot in the summer. It is essential that your employees are comfortable all year round and not dreading having to put their uniform on when the season changes. Ultimately, when choosing a uniform you should be considering whether it is something you’d want to wear yourself at that time of year.  

Increase productivity in all weather conditions

When your employees are constantly thinking about how cold or hot they are, you can guarantee that their quality of work will be affected. Many find that there is a slight dip in productivity during the warmer months anyway, so it is important to ensure that you’re doing all you can to keep your employees on track. A simple change in branded workwear can make a big difference in this regard and it will enable everyone to do their best whilst working. 

Prevent health and wellbeing problems 

One of the most important things to think about when you’re choosing uniforms for your employees is their health and wellbeing. The last thing you want is people getting ill during the winter months or people passing out in the summer months because of the branded workwear you require them to wear. By having different items of clothing for different seasons, you can reduce the amount of sick leave taken by employees and help to keep them happy and healthy. 

Reduce the general wear and tear of uniforms

It isn’t uncommon for businesses to give each of their employees two or three of every piece of the uniform they’re required to wear, but when they work full-time and wear the same uniform all year round, general wear and tear is inevitable. When opting for different branded workwear for different seasons, you will reduce the number of times each piece of uniform is worn and, in turn, prevent so many replacement items from being required. 

Stay on-trend with the current time of year 

Generally speaking, different times of the year are associated with different colour palettes and whilst your branded workwear will likely feature your brand colours, having a seasonal uniform enables you to change things up a little bit for the new season. For example, lots of businesses use darker shades in the colder months and lighter shades in the warmer months. Not only can a colour change keep you on-trend, but there are actually lots of other benefits to this as well. 

Purchasing new branded workwear 

All in all, it is fair to say that even though seasonal branded workwear may seem like an unnecessary hassle, there really are so many advantages to purchasing different uniforms for different times of the year. You can trust that your employees will really appreciate having new items that they can wear during the spring/summer seasons and it is undeniably worthwhile looking into the various options available in this regard. 

If you’d like to purchase new branded workwear for spring/summer this year, be sure to contact us at Promowear. We have a huge range of high-quality workwear products that are perfect for the warmer months and no matter what you have in mind, it is likely that we will have a brilliant solution. As an Irish owned company that specialises in customised clothing for businesses, you can trust that we are the perfect people to turn to in this regard and we provide an end-to-end service for those looking for branded workwear. We look forward to hearing from you.

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