Corporate & Business Wear

Corporate Wear

Projecting a positive business image gives your company the professional edge needed to stand out from the crowd. Our top of the range corporate uniforms give your staff a professional image that increases customer satisfaction, trust and retention.

Brand recognition:

Boost your brand recognition with an embroidered corporate logo. A smart looking employee displaying your corporate name is the best advert your business can have. Your employees will become a billboard for your business, advertising your products and services to the world.

A uniformed dress code makes your employees easy to identify and locate at conferences, events or on your sales floor.

Comfort and security in the workplace:

Corporate uniforms can increase your employee's comfort in the workplace as they put an end to any questions of appropriate clothing and provide security in the workplace. Much of our top of the range workwear include safety features and are designed with comfort in mind. A standardised work uniform guarantees that your staff project a positive corporate image. Keeping an eye on who enters and exits employee only areas is much easier when your staff and dressed the same. Increase workplace security with a corporate uniform.

Keep your staff happy:

Your employees will appreciate their reduced expenditure on purchasing and maintaining work clothing. These savings help increase staff retention and increase employees' quality of life. A smart corporate uniform helps creates an atmosphere of belonging between team members. Bringing your team closer together leads to a positive work environment, one of the most important reasons people stay in their jobs.

There are a many great reasons to provide your team with a stylish corporate uniform. Deck your staff out in Promowear’s corporate wear and see an increase in team spirit, job satisfaction, customer satisfaction and retention.

Our Corporate Wear section is for professional shirts, jackets, suits, trousers, waist coats, ties and scarves. You’re sure to find the products that you’re looking for at prices that will impress. We’ve hand-picked the best quality products to ensure that you get most satisfaction and best value for your money. Browse through the suits and tailoring section, choose your products and get a bespoke quotation today.