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Hi-Viz Vests

The introduction of hi-viz clothing to the workplace has had a huge impact in reducing the numbers of on-site accidents. Hi-viz clothing helps keep employees and visitors safe in what can be high risk environments. The success of hi-viz workwear has seen the trend spill over to cyclists and school children. At Promowear we offer hi-viz workwear which meets all EU regulations, is comfortable and weather resistant – regardless of the time of year.

Workplace safety:

Ensuring your staff are wearing the correct hi-viz clothing is a simple and inexpensive exercise which plays a major role in reducing workplace accidents in high risk workplaces with vehicle traffic, such as construction sites, warehouses and car parks. The level of hi-viz clothing required can change depending on the working conditions, for example, low light conditions may require full body hi-viz clothing. The most popular colour is usually dayglow yellow. However, greens and oranges are available as the background colours in the workplace may affect how visible an employee is.

Visitors to worksites where high visibility workwear or PPE (personal protective equipment) is required by Health and Safety regulations are also required to wear reflective outerwear, usually a vest or a waistcoat.

We supply a range of hi-viz clothing for all weather; While a light jacket or waistcoat is suitable for the summer months, in winter, a heavy Jacket is appropriate.

Regulatory safety clothing:

EU regulations state that employers are obliged to provide their staff with the correct hi-viz and other PPE clothing while also making it the employees’ responsibility to wear the provided equipment. The CE kite mark also indicates that hi-viz clothing meets the necessary stringent quality requirements.

Many companies use different styles and colours of hi-viz to help identify on site staff from internal corporate or external visitors. This give additional security to many work places.

Much of our hi-viz workwear can be decorated with your brand and logo, the perfect complement to your professional look.

When image matters, get the right look for your company with Promowear.

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