Benefits of Buying Organic Workwear|

Benefits of Buying Organic Workwear

We all know that organic food is better for us and the environment with most of us picking the organic fruit and veg options in supermarkets and opting for organic meats. But what about organic clothing? It is something that isn’t as commonly discussed, and a lot of us don’t even know what organic clothing is. Organic clothing tends to be slightly more expensive than clothing made from standard materials, but it comes with a range of benefits for both people and the environment.

Organic clothing is made from materials that are raised or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards - and use no chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs. The most common organic clothing materials are Cotton, Linen, Wool and Silk. Organic clothing is rising in popularity with more people becoming eco-conscious, and if you are looking for new workwear for your team then organic clothing is by far the superior choice.

Today our team at Promowear wanted to share with you the benefits of wearing organic workwear and how it benefits both your employees and the environment.

Softer and Safer

Organic clothing is known to be softer and more comfortable than regular clothing, and is much better for your skin. Organic clothing has longer fibres that are handpicked which prevent the fibres from fraying or breaking. This means that the fibres are less damaged and broken, creating a much softer material for your skin.

As organic clothing is made using no chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs,  it contains no harmful chemicals or toxins that can penetrate your body. Our bodies absorb what they are exposed to, and we don’t want anything harmful to be able to enter our skin. Organic clothing is known to be less likely to cause reactions to our skin such as irritation, allergies and chemical sensitivities.


Organic clothing is much more environmentally friendly and is better for the environment, all living things, and farmers. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by not using harmful fertilisers and pesticides. Greenhouse gases trap and absorb heat, which makes the earth warmer, increasing the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Organic clothing is a much more sustainable option than regular clothing and uses a lot less energy than normal clothing production. It reduces pollution, and the usage of water also. Overall, organic clothing is a much better choice for both your employees and the environment so why not make the switch today to fully organic workwear for your business?

Organic Workwear at Promowear

At Promowear, we have a wide range of organic clothing available to suit all of your workwear needs. Choose from t-shirts, button-up shirts, vests, zip-up hoodies, aprons, hats and more all made from either primarily or fully organic materials. Our clothing comes in a wide range of sizes, ranging from XS to 3XL. We know how important it is to kit your employees out in comfortable, long-lasting reliable clothes whilst also protecting the environment and our planet which is why we have a wide range of organic clothing available to suit every and any working environment.

We are constantly working on improving our clothing at Promowear, and creating high-quality organic clothing is at the forefront of our aims. Shop our B&C organic womens t-shirt or B&C organic mens t-shirt, made from 100% ring-spun organic cotton. For something a bit smarter perhaps our premier womens shirt, made from 100% cotton and Fairtrade certified. Or our premier recycled polyester and cotton bib apron, made from 65% Recycled Polyester and 35% cotton, organic and Fairtrade certified. Or our organic cotton cap, made primarily from 100% organic cotton.

All of our clothing is customisable meaning that you can add your company's logo, strapline, employee names or any other garment personalisation that you require. We have a fast turnaround time for creating our personalised garments, taking us 7-10 to create your personalised items. Or if you are buying clothing from us that isn’t personalised, we are usually able to deliver within 2-3 working days of receipt of your order.

Place your Order for Organic Workwear with Promowear

If you are interested in our organic workwear at Promowear, you can place your order directly via our website today. If you would like to contact our team directly with any questions regarding our organic clothing, please feel free to give us a call at +353 (0)1 8647350. To browse our organic clothing further, take a look at our website.

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