Exploring the Benefits of Cotton Uniforms for Beauty Staff

Exploring the Advantages of Choosing Cotton Uniforms for Your Beauty Staff

Staff in beauty establishments; whether that be a spa, a nail salon, a hairdressers or an aesthetics clinic - work hard to ensure that clients leave totally happy and satisfied with the service that has been provided. They often spend long hours on their feet, and work in busy environments. Choosing the right material for their uniforms can be tricky, but there is one clear winner which is cotton.

Cotton is one of the best materials that you can choose for your beauty staff's uniform, ensuring that they feel comfortable, can move easily, and that they look fantastic too. We have put together this post, to explore the advantages of choosing cotton uniforms for your beauty staff. 

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If you want your beauty staff to be in comfortable and breathable uniforms that will stop them from overheating - then cotton is the material to choose. Cotton is a natural and breathable fabric, making it the ideal option to keep your staff cool and dry all day long. Often, beauty staff work in heated environments and they can easily get hot from being rushed off their feet. We don’t want our staff to feel stuffy, sticky and sweaty in their uniforms and we’re sure your clients don’t want this either. This makes cotton the ideal material for beauty staff, ensuring that your staff feel cool and comfortable during their shifts.

Durable and Long-lasting

Cotton is also extremely long-lasting, very strong and durable so you won’t have to worry about replacing these uniforms any time soon. Many other materials are prone to ripping, breaking and falling apart - and although they can be cheaper, it ends up being more costly when we end up having to replace them. Cotton beauty uniforms will be sure to last you for a long time, and not face any rips or tears quickly. Cotton is an immensely durable material, and will last you much longer than other materials out there on the market.


Cotton beauty uniforms are not only comfortable, breathable and long-lasting - but they’re stylish too. Cotton is one of the most stylish materials that you can choose, and it is high-quality meaning that it will look fantastic. You’ll be able to find all of the elements that you need for your uniform in a cotton material, and give them a professional and stylish look. We all want our staff to look fantastic in our salons and beauty establishments and to give a great first impression to customers, and cotton is the ideal material to ensure this.

High-Quality Cotton Beauty Uniforms at Promowear

We hope that this short post has outlined some of the advantages of buying cotton uniforms for your staff. If your current uniforms are looking worn out, are feeling uncomfortable, and are starting to fall apart then why not shop for your new uniforms with Promowear? 

We have beauty uniforms to suit all of your staff, whether your business is a nail salon, a spa, a hairdressers, a massage parlour, or an eyelash salon. We have a wide range of beauty uniforms made either fully or partially from cotton, so your staff can feel cool and comfortable all day long whilst they’re at work. 

Choose between our Premier Pocket Tabard, Gildan Premium Cotton T-Shirt, Premier Cotton Poplin Long Sleeve Shirt or Premier Cotton Apron. All of our uniforms are made from the highest-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable, long-lasting and will have your staff looking completely professional at all times. Our beauty uniforms are also fully customisable, meaning that you can add your company logo, brand name, slogan, employee names and much more to your uniforms. 

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If you’d like your beauty staff to wear high-quality, comfortable and affordable cotton uniforms then place your order with us today. We deliver our items within 2-3 working days of you placing your order for standard items, and 7-10 working days for personalised items. Have a question for our team regarding our cotton beauty uniforms, or any of the other workwear that we stock? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help and answer any questions that you might have. 

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