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Popular Options For Branded Workwear

More often than not, when ordering uniforms for their organisation, people will choose to customise them and have their logo put onto the garments. There are a number of advantages to ordering branded workwear and it can really help to strengthen your brand identity. Simply put, putting your logo onto your uniform is one of the most straightforward ways to effectively promote your business for ‘free’, so to speak.

Nowadays, when deciding to customise their uniforms, organisations have a wide range of different branding options to choose from, including; printing and embroidery. If you’ve never had your logo put onto a garment before and you’re wondering which branding option would be best to use, below we have looked into some of the most sought-after options in more detail. 

Screen printing

This is one of the most traditional branding options and screen printing is essentially a stencilling technique. When screen printing a logo onto a garment, ink will be pressed through a mesh screen onto the fabric to create the desired shape and pattern. This tends to be a very popular branding option when logos are being printed onto dark fabric or when the logo features lots of vibrant colours. 

The ink that is applied to the garment during screen printing is quite thick and this results in the logo looking really bright, no matter how dark the fabric is. The thickness of the ink also makes the printed logo fairly long-lasting. Commonly, screen printing is the most affordable option when you’re wanting to print a logo onto multiple garments and you won’t have to spend a fortune to have branded workwear when you opt for this type of printing. 

Digital printing

As the name suggests, when digital printing a logo onto a garment, a digital printer will print onto the fabric in the same way a standard printer will print onto paper. This modern type of printing is usually recommended when a logo contains a high amount of detail and fine lines or small shapes aren’t a problem when digital printing. The ink used for this type of printing is much thinner too, so it is often better for lighter fabrics that will allow the design to stand out. 

Due to the fact that digital printing is a fairly straightforward process and there are no screens or physical setups required, it is ideal for smaller orders of branded workwear. If you are interested in only having five or ten garments customised with your logo, for example, this solution would likely be the most cost-effective. It is also an ideal option if you’re keen to try out a few different logos on a garment to see which will look best before you place your full order. 


Another traditional branding option is embroidery and whilst embroidery used to be completed by hand, in this modern-day, it is usually carried out by high-tech computerised machines. The process of embroidery is still the same though and when embroidering a logo onto a garment, thread will be stitched in the desired shape and pattern. Because no ink is used for embroidery, it is considered to be the most hardwearing and durable branding option. 

Usually, there will be a one-off charge to have your logo digitalised when you’re wanting to embroider your branded workwear and then this design can be used time and time again whenever required. Generally speaking, any fabric can be embroidered too, so in addition to garments of clothing, things such as hats and bags can be embroidered with your logo as well. This branding option guarantees a sleek professional finish on all fabrics. 

Deciding which option is best for your branded workwear 

When trying to decide how you’d like to customise the uniform you order for your employees, hopefully, the information above will be beneficial. There are pros and cons to all of the branding options mentioned above and there is no right or wrong decision when choosing between them, it all comes down to your individual requirements and personal preferences. 

Should you wish to learn more about branded workwear and get a professional opinion regarding whether you should opt for screen printed, digital printed or embroidered logos on your uniforms, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Promowear. We offer all of the above branding options and we will gladly provide you with any additional information you require in this regard. With over two decades of experience, we feel we are well equipped to recommend the best solution for your uniforms too and we will always be honest with our advice.

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