Three Popular Portwest Workwear Picks at Promowear

Three Popular Portwest Workwear Items You Should Consider Buying From Promowear

With so many workwear and uniform brands out there, there’s plenty of choices available. But in reality, there aren’t a great number of quality brands you can trust for consistency. One name that you absolutely can rely on for a high-performance, reliable and comfortable piece of clothing is Portwest; an international manufacturer with more than a century in the industry. 

Here at Promowear, we stock a wide range of Portwest workwear at affordable prices - beating our competitors on value. To help make your search easier, our team has put together a list of some leading Portwest items you should think about buying right now from Promowear. Read on below to learn more. 

Introducing Portwest Workwear

In case you haven’t already heard of Portwest, then allow us to introduce you to this popular brand. Portwest is a global manufacturer of high-quality workwear, safetywear and PPE. They date back to 1904, and today they’re the quickest growing workwear company in the world. 

Operating in more than 130 countries, Portwest focuses on creating and designing workwear that is innovative, high-visibility, strongly protective and premium-quality. If you would like to buy Portwest workwear at a competitive price that meets your budget, then Promowear is the online store to visit. Visit the Promowear website to explore the collection of Portwest workwear today.

Portwest MeshAir Pro Trouser

ThMeshAir Pro Trouser is a slim-fit, lightweight trouser that is ideally suited for hot kitchen settings. Its gusset and back of knee panel provide the wearer with optimum breathability, helping them to feel comfortable in their kitchen environment. What’s more, the Texpel coating of these trousers means that liquids easily roll off the fabric. 

Oil, water and grime will be repelled efficiently. With an elasticated waistband, these Portwest trousers are comfortable to wear all day long. At Promowear, we stock these trousers in a number of sizes, colours, and with various customisation options too. 

Portwest Oregon Softshell

The Portwest Oregon Softshell is a modern, trendy jacket that offers both style and functionality for the wearer. It is smart and fashionable, with up-to-date styling and fabrics. It features two side pockets, a zipped mobile phone pocket positioned on the chest, and adjustable cuffs which give a comfortable fit. 

This softshell is perfect for those workers who are constantly on the move and want to wear something snug with easily accessible pockets. Here at Promowear, we sell this softshell in black and navy with sizes S-2XL available. You can also customise this jacket by adding your company logo. 

Portwest Steelite Lusum Safety Trainer

Footwear is an essential part of any workwear and uniform. The Portwest Steelite Lusum Safety Trainer is a brilliant choice of footwear for your employees. It is a smart, low-profile safety trainer with an attractive black and yellow colouring. It has a heat resistant rubber outsole, complete with a steel toe-cap and midsole too - optimising the level of safety that these trainers provide. 

Your workforce will find these safety trainers both fashionable and practical to wear on a daily basis. They’re ideal for a wide range of environments and industries from construction to manufacturing. Promowear offers sizes from 4-13, and you can opt to customise these safety trainers too.  

Need Assistance Sourcing the right Portwest Workwear?

If you are interested in any one of these three Portwest items we’ve mentioned above, or are looking for something else from this world-recognised brand, then contact Promowear today. Give us a call on +353 (0)1 8647350 to speak with one of our friendly staff members. 

We can help you find the perfect Portwest clothing for your requirements - whether it’s a vest, gloves or trainers. You can also reach us by email at [email protected] and we’ll reply to you quickly.


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